Check out some of fun that happened during the RMS Experience this week for our incoming sixth graders! #NewPanthers
about 1 month ago, Jaime Caudle
boy playing kicker
students watching screen
Check out some of the fun that happened at the 2021 Freshmen Experience this week! #FreshmenFun #MakingFriends
about 1 month ago, Jaime Caudle
Tug of War
It's a beautiful day today to stop by Glenn's Brat Haus from 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m. and support the Riverside Middle School AVID program! The brat of the week is the Hawaiian! See you there!
about 2 months ago, Jaime Caudle
Brat Fry
The WUSD is proud to host Camp Invention again this summer! Camp Invention is a weeklong camp where STEM skills are built with creative, hands-on problem-solving activities. Take a look at this activity from camp! 𝗢𝗽𝗲𝗻 𝗠𝗶𝗰™: Campers amplify their creative voice, reverse engineer a wireless microphone, and then develop and promote their own extraordinary invention. #WatertownWay
about 2 months ago, Jaime Caudle
Camp Invention
Last week, #WatertownWay summer school German classes learned nature words, enjoyed a scavenger hunt nature walk AND created rubbings with their findings! They also learned the parts of the body and a traditional German dance!
2 months ago, Jaime Caudle
Students clapping each other's hands
Shout out to our fourth grade summer school students who have enjoyed learning about amazing animals. Each #WatertownWay student chose an endangered species to research and then created a diorama of its habitat. These creative kids had so much fun getting messy and learning more about the world!
2 months ago, Jaime Caudle
Boy smiling
Boy building diorama
Boy working on a project
Happy 4th of July from these #WatertownWay students!
2 months ago, Jaime Caudle
Students celebrating July 4th
Shout out to our #WatertownWay summer school students! This week the German class focused on learning shapes, colors, numbers, flags and commands. Then they used their new knowledge to create scenes on the Smart Board and to play games.
3 months ago, Jaime Caudle
More hands-on learning for these #WatertownWay summer school students! Week #2 of cake decorating involved making campfire cupcakes, practicing writing with chocolate, and super sweet pineapples!
3 months ago, Jaime Caudle
Summer school is so much fun! This week, Mrs. Giovannettone’s 2nd grade summer school class read the book The Magic School Bus Fixes A Bone. These #WatertownWay students worked in groups to draw and label their own skeletons!
3 months ago, Jaime Caudle
Fix a Bone