Workgroup 1

A group of students, parents, staff, and community members came together Monday, June 10, for the first of a series of Strategic Planning Workgroup meetings for the Watertown Unified School District.

During the meeting, participants heard an overview of the strategic planning process and a state-of-the-district presentation from the district’s leadership team. The group then discussed strengths and areas of potential growth for the district. Facilitator Dr. Lori Mueller from the Donovan Group then shared the input gathered from recent focus groups and community engagement sessions.

WUSD is embarking on a strategic planning process to outline a path to sustainability and growth for the district in the years to come. The process will be driven by the workgroup, which will focus on student performance and growth, educator quality, community engagement, and facilities and operations as it conducts its work.

“We would like to thank the members of our Strategic Planning Workgroup for a productive and thoughtful discussion on June 10,” said Dr. Jarred Burke, WUSD Superintendent. “We look forward to continuing this work over the coming weeks and months as we plan a bright future for our students, families, and community in our school district.”

The strategic planning process began this past spring with a series of focus groups with district leaders. Community and staff engagement sessions were also held to further gather thoughts on the district's future direction. Engagement session participants provided their thoughts on traditions, innovation, and transformation within the WUSD.

The Strategic Planning Workgroup will continue to meet over the next several weeks to guide and develop the district’s strategic planning process. The next meeting will take place Thursday, June 20, from 6-8 p.m. at the Watertown Public Library. The workgroup will hear about the recent facilities study and its findings.

Community members are still welcome and encouraged to register to join the workgroup. A Spanish-speaking interpreter can also be made available upon request.

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