Watertown Unified School District employees retiring in 2024 were recognized by the Board of Education with a reception and gift presentation on Monday evening. The 17 retirees have dedicated more than 400 combined years of service to the school district. “There is no way for the District to recover from the institutional knowledge loss that this group of retirees are leaving with,” stated Dr. Jarred Burke, WUSD Superintendent. “Their knowledge and skills will be difficult to replace.”

The 2024 retirees pictured, along with their years of service to the district, are (front row, from left) Karen Sturdevant, 35 years; Kelly Ballou Puckett, 25 years; Dawn Johnson, 24 years; Kathleen Miers, 15 years; Lynn Frederick, 32 years; Sue Will, 22 years; (back row) Mary Lavigne, 24 years; Stephanie Stoeger, 26 years; Debra Iverson, 18 years; Laurie Zwieg, 15 years; Stacy Bratz, 36 years; Gary Held, 27 years; and Christopher Batterman, 10 years. Not pictured: Kathleen Baurichter, 30 years; Richard Grady, 28 years; Lori Sellnow, 21 years; and Shelly York, 13 years.