Worth a 1000 Words
Worth a 1000 Words

Clipart Galleries

Visual literacy is one of the most important skills for the 21st century communicator. 

Clipart is a good way to help make your points during presentations. The following links were checked last on May 3, 2011.  At that time, all links were live and free. 

If that has changed, please let me know.  Also, if you have found a good resource that you think should be added, drop it in the suggestion box, please.

The following galleries contain primarily clipart (e.g. line art, etc.).  Keep in mind that royalty free does not always mean "free".  Read the fine print.

Clipart Galleries

Free photographs taken from popular sites from around the world.
You can download high quality Vector and Web-Ready clipart for FREE. Ready-made pieces of printable art, such as illustrations, borders, and cartoons, that can be electronically copied and used to decorate your documents or projects.
Free Microsoft Office Graphics
1000s of images available for download
Freebyte Gallery
A wealth of graphics resources. Just scroll to the bottom.
Good Free Photos
Open Clipart Library
An open source warehouse of free clipart.
Vector Open Stock
Web Weavers Free Clipart
Very stylish and unique set of graphics. Not for all, but may be of interest to some.

The following galleries contain primarily photo realistic graphics.  Remember "royalty free" does not always mean "free".  There is often a cost associated with getting the rights to use "royalty free" graphics in publications.  Read the fine print.

Stock Photographs

Astronaught Photography
You think your travel photos are cool. Check out the Astronaut's travel photos.
Photographs taken from sites from around the world.
Bing Images
Microsoft's Internet image search.
Cepolina Photo
Excellent site that allows you to search for nature, travel, and even color. Wide range of unique photographs that are free for use.
The general photos are free, but for high definition photos, there is a cost associated.
Great collection of photos. Not the easiest to navigate, but not too bad.
Google images
Google images is a great way to find images for your presentations, but please make sure you understand the copyright issues. Review our district policy if you haven't.
An Italian site for free stock photographs.
Morgue File
Public image archive for creatives, by creatives.
JSC Digital Image Collection
Another NASA digital image collection from the Mercury program to the STS-79 Shuttle mission.
Pic Search
Helps you find a photo from a vast collection from around the web. All photos obtained are subject to individual owner's licensing requirements, so brush up on your copyright info.
Great photography site with a wide variety of photos. Claims to be the largest repository of free photographs on the web.
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