What is eCampus

eCampus is the umbrella under which Watertown USD runs its online course opportunities for K-12 students.  eCampus is not a school in and of itself, but rather an entity that supports online learning opportunities at all levels and in all forms throughout WUSD.  eCampus is not a virtual charter school and as such, we are not able to take open enrollments from outside the district for situations involving a solely online learning environment.  Of course, students open enrolling in Watertown Unified School District and attending classes in a blended setting will have access to the entire array of eCampus opportunities.

What eCampus is NOT

eCampus is not credit recovery.  Credit Recovery is a separate program for students who have taken, but failed a WHS course and are looking to recover the lost credit to apply it toward graduation.  This is not the case with eCampus courses.

Whereas courses taken through credit recovery do not require students to do all of the projects, papers, exams, etc. eCampus courses REQUIRE students to complete all assignments, quizzes, tests, papers, projects, etc. assigned by the teacher.  It is not easier than a face-to-face class; it is just different.  Students are required to do revisions, rewrites, etc. until they achieve a threshold of 80% on all assignments before moving on.  It makes no sense to move you forward until you have demonstrated an understanding of the material so that you are prepared to handle future assignments and grow as a student. There is no hiding in the back of the room and coasting through the content to "earn" your "D" and move on.  

Interested in Moving Forward?

If you are interested in more information, please click here to fill out and intent to enroll form today and we will get you the information and forms necessary to move forward.  Filling out the form does not obligate you in any way, but it is required in order to get you in the system to proceed.


Genius SIS (Grades K-2)
This is the logon for the Little Lincoln Curriculum that we use for primary level students. Login here to get at all course data and curriculum (Go to LMS link in Genius will take you to Buzz).
Genius SIS (Grades 3-12)
This is a link to Wisconsin eSchool Network's (WeN) student information system that collects data for course progress and provides a jump off point for courses. However, we are still in the process of tying this to Odysseyware, so for now, unless you are taking courses outside of Odysseyware, please use the OW link below.
Odysseyware (Gr 3-12)
eCampus 3-12 graders taking online courses through Odysseyware may login directly from this link. Eventually, this will disappear on this site and we will direct everyone through Genius SIS, but until they get that linked up, use this.
Email email access. All course correspondence is tied to this account.
Google Drive
Google drive for sharing and storing files for coursework.
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