WHS Facility Use
WHS Facility Use


Please read carefully as the procedure for reserving high school building / facilities has changed.

To request the use of facilities at WHS, effective immediately, we will no longer be processing building use paper forms.  All building requests will be taken exclusively via the online form linked to from this page.

Facility Use Calendar - Check availability BEFORE filling out the form.

Procedure for Facility Use Requests

To request the use of a facility, please:

  1. Click on the link on this page entitled, "Facility Use Calendar". 
  2. Select the facility you wish to reserve in the drop down to filter the events listed and navigate to the date for which you wish to reserve the facility.
  3. The events listed have already been approved and if the facility is reserved, it is not availble for request.  You will need to either find an alternative facility to host your event or find another date when the facility is available.
  4. Once you find an open date/time when the facility is available, you may click on the appropriate link at the top of the page to reserve a facility.  Filling out the form DOES NOT GUARANTEE approval until you receive a confirmation email.
  5. Fill in all fields.  CONFIRM the email address as all future correspondence will go through that channel.  PLEASE SELECT WHS BUILDING USE FOR THE CATEGORY. Also, PLEASE INCLUDE ANY SPECIAL REQUESTS to custodians, etc. (e.g. need an 8-foot table, require a mop bucket, projector, microphone, door opening time, etc.) in the Facility Notes field. If you have no special requests, you may put n/a. Your request will be sent to the facility manager for that resource. You will receive an email confirmation indicating that your request has been processed.  Your request has not been approved until you receive an approval confirmation.
  6. The facility manager will review your request and approval may require liability forms.  You will be contacted if this is required.
  7. If the request is in conflict or if it is incomplete, the request will be immediately rejected with a reason for the rejection.  You will be notified by email only.
  8. If the request is complete, the facility manager will secure appropriate approval, and either accept or reject your request.  This process may take up to 48 hours.
  9. You will receive an approval or rejection email once the request has been processed and your request will show up on the Facility Use Calendar.  Once it is visible there, you will know that your event has been processed and approved.  There is no need to confirm with the facilities manager directly unless the information was entered incorrectly and must be modified.
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