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Alternative Learning Center Home

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What is the ALC?

The Alternative Learning Center is not an alternative to school, but offers an alternative way to learn while earning their WHS diploma. Students are privileged to have a second chance and will be expected to work harder than they probably ever have up to this point. Basically, students will demonstrate four years of knowledge during their time in the program.

Classes run in two 3-hour sessions.  Mornings: 7:30 - 10:30 and Afternoons: 11:15 - 2:15

The ALC is located 740 N Church Street and we can be reached through the high school 920-262-7500

Teacher: Melanie Meracle ext: 6991

Teacher: Suzie Mitich ext: 6990

We are in our office until 3:00 everyday unless it's a half day.

WHS/ALC Volunteer Form

Advice from former students:


Do your work

Follow school rules

Be patient and work hard

Pay attention

Never give up

If you don't understand something ask the teacher right away instead of sitting around not doing anything

Don't be disrespectful; the teachers are very nice

Don't sleep! You're only there for 3 hours

Don't stall

Listen to the teachers

Never give up, think of your future

Make friends. It's a small group of people

Come to school

Do as much work as you can

Keep on track with your work

Get things completed as quick as possible

Don't miss class

Ask questions

Don't procrastinate

Be prepared to work hard

Keep an open mind

Don't mess around and get kicked out

Respect the teachers

Finish work when given time

Don't miss school

Be confident

Don't argue

Keep working

Do your work

Work hard

Pay attention

Don't worry about homework

Come to school everyday and don't miss a lot of days

Stay in school because your diploma is very important to have

Stay after

Take all the notes

Don't argue with the teacher, she will kick you out!

Do what you need to do

DON'T procrastinate

Get the hard stuff done faster to get it out of the way

Don't talk with headphones on

This is your last chance, don't mess up

Get those service learning hours ASAP

Do your work and you won't have any problems with the teacher

Don't fall asleep or you're going to get kicked out

Don't talk or sing when you have headphones on

Stay off YouTube, it slows the internet

Try not to get too distracted, this is a great opportunity


Having fun conversations with friends and teachers

How nice the teahers were and how welcoming the atmosphere was

Our field trip to Herzing University

I'll never forget A-jizzle

The new people I meet

Making new friends

The field trip to the museum

The field trip to Golden Corral

Don't wear toddler pants

Don't buy a purse

I only lie when I have to


You can't banana

Friends I made that I wouldn't have at the high school

The conversations

Hanging with friends and listening to our teacher's stories

How much help Mrs. Mitich helped me when I needed it

Having a fun and funny class

Having Mrs. Mitich as a teacher

How I liked school more and got more done

How nice the teachers are

Shane and the Salmon

Testimonials from Students:

"I never thought I would say this, but I really liked my last year of school at the ALC."  - Andrew P.

"The ALC showed me that I am smart and I have a lot going for me." - Austin B.

"This school has taught me to be more thankful for the opportunitites and chances that were given to me, and a life lesson that I'll never forget -  don't ever just give up." - Brandan J.



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