Talent Development
Talent Development


The Watertown Unified School District believes that all students have unique gifts and talents, the ability to learn and achieve, and should be provided opportunities for optimal development.  We believe that talented students possess measurable, qualitatively different characteristics in one or more of five areas: general intellectual ability, creativity, leadership, artistic ability and academic aptitude.  The Watertown Unified School District chooses to adopt the language of Talent Development instead of the more prevalent language of Gifted and Talented.  In doing so we hope to advance a support system that is more inclusive and flexible than traditional gifted education approaches, while at the same time maintaining a commitment to promoting individualized learning experiences for our most talented students.

The goal of the WUSD is to provide conditions that allow students to experience consistent opportunities to truly enjoy school and to be as challenged and productive as possible.


The Talent Development Resource Guide is meant to provide staff and parents with information regarding the school district’s goals, beliefs, identification process, and support system for talented students, as well as function as a resource for educators and families.

Identification Process

The process for identification is ongoing. We believe every child has unique talents. However, there are times when our rigorous curriculum is unable to meet the needs of advanced learners. In this case, we will work to identify a solution to meet the needs of these students. The process for this identification can be approached in multiple ways. If a parent has a concern that their child is not challenged, they should contact the classroom teacher as soon as possible. The teacher will then contact the district talent development resource teacher with concerns. At this time a parent may choose to complete the "Parent Nomination Form." A team will review data as well as classwork and schedule a meeting with the parents to determine the next steps to be taken. Teachers are also able to nominate students. Data collected for each student is reviewed multiple times per year by the Talent Development Staff and teachers. Identification can happen during this process as well. Services offered through the identification process are listed in the Talent Development Plan.

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