Article of the Week
Article of the Week

AOW: Farm to School
This packet includes a strategy and paper outline for writing a summary

AOW: Plagiarism

AOW: A Gutsy Cure

AOW: Reliable Websites

AOW: UNC Athletes and Reading Scores

AOW: Veterans Day
This is a two week process this time!

AOW: Too Much Texting
This is the first article that is using text boxes...


AOW: Cyber Bullying Verdict

AOW: Painful Bites

AoW: Self Respect

AoW: 3D Printer to Space

AoW: Mammoth Cells
Article of the Week dealing with retrieving 'viable' mammoth cells for genetic cloning

AoW: Ambergris article (Whale Poop)

AoW: Acne

AoW: The Argument Against Columbus

AoW: Bullying Myths
Article about bullying and myths. Please note the writing prompts at the end of the article. Write about these using the response template.

AoW: Edible Food Packaging
This article is written by one of our student's uncles who is an inventor

AoW: Chronic Hunger

AoW: Aftermath of Hurricane Sandy

AoW: Turn Off the Phone
Article of the week dealing with how cellphones and new technology cause stress

AoW: Pasta Shortage

AoW: 3-D printers

AoW:How Writing by Hand Makes Kids Smarter

AoW: Belly Button Bacteria

AoW:Boy Scares off Lions with Flashy Invention

AoW: Bronze Age Nettle Cloth

AoW: Giant viruses

AoW: Plate Tectonics

AoW:How Teens Can Become Millionaires

AoW: Designing an Alternative Subdivision
This Article of the Week will be done in science.

Aow: Polar Bears and Climate Change

AoW:Of Course I don't Want to Eat Bugs
A second article to be read aloud with class

AoW: Six-Legged Meat of the Future

AoW: Trash or Treasure? Upcycling!

AoW: Characterisitcs of an Entrepreneur

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