School Board Policies
School Board Policies
1000 Series - School District and Community Relations
School District and Community Relations: This series concerns citizens' committees, access to public records, public complaints, community use of building, public input at board meetings, smoking on district premise, and relations between school and government agencies, state and non-profit organizations.
2000 Series - Administration
This series concerns administrative and supervisory positions, evaluations, administrative operations, and organizational chart.
3000 Series - Business and Non-Instructional Operations
Business and Non-Instructional Operations: This series concerns policies regarding budgeting, business operations, accounting and expenditures, buildings and grounds management/operations, transportation, food service and HIPPA compliance.
4000 Series - Human Resources
This series concerns personnel, staff evaluations, Police School Liaison Officer, certified and non-certified job descriptions, professional growth, leaves and absences, recruiting/hiring, and retirements.
5000 Series - Students
This series contains policies and procedures related to students including age of entrance, attendance, behavior, graduation, retentions, honor roll, classroom conduct, locker searches, home schooling, and post secondary education.
6000 Series - Instruction
This series explains policies and procedures governing the district's educational process, curriculum, health instruction, at-risk programming, special education, gifted and talented programming, field trips, instructional resources, fire drills, emergency school closing and school calendar.
7000 Series - Construction
This series concerns matters relating to the construction or remodeling of district buildings. The policies cover evaluation of existing facility use and adequacy, planning, design, financing, construction and occupancy.
8000 Series - Board Operations
This series concerns policies governing the organization including board of education members, legal counsel, district elections, regular and special board meetings and methods of operations.
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