1,000 Series - School District and Community Relations:
This series concerns citizens' committees, access to public records, public complaints, community use of building, public input at board meetings, smoking on district premise, and relations between school and government agencies, state and non-profit organizations.

*1100 Communications with the Public
1100 Communications with the Public
1110 School Sponsored Media
1120 News Releases
1130 News Media Relations
1140 Access to Public Records
1140.1 Notice of Access to Public Records
*1200 Participation by the Public
1210 School Community and Government Organizations
1240 Visitors to the Schools
1240.1 Guidelines for Visitors to the Schools
1250 Citizen Advisory Committees
*1300 Public Activities Involving Staff, Students, and/or School Facilities
1311 Public Complaints about School Personnel or Relating to Schools
1312 Public Complaints about Instructional Materials
1312.1 Public Complaint Procedures Concerning Instructional Materials
1323 Use of Students in Solicitations
1326 Lottery Type Activities
1330 - Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Information
1330.1 Administrative Role - Distribution of Non-School Sponsored Information
1331 Advertising in the Schools
1331.1 Advertising Guidelines
1331.2 Community Sponsorship
1333 Use of School Facilities
1333.1 Use of School Facilities Regulations
1334 Tobacco Free District
1335 Non-District Sponsored Student Clubs and Activities
*1400 Relations Between Other Governmental Agencies, Churches, and the Schools
1410 Relations Between Local Governmental Authorities
1411 Relations with Police Authorities
1411.1 Guidelines for Police Questioning of Students on School Grounds
1415 Relations with Recreation Authorities
1420 Relations Between Churches and Schools
*1600 Relations between Non-Public and Other Educational Organizations
1611 Student Teaching and Internship
1620 Cooperative Education Programs
1630 Relations with Educational Researchers
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