WKCE Teacher Information

WKCE Testing Window:  October 22 - November 23, 2012

Assessment Accomodations
There are now three Accomodations Matrices and are as follows: Accommodations for Students with Disabilities, Accommodations for English Language Learners, and Allowable Test Practices for ALL Students. Please review these carefully when making accommodations decisions. This link will take you to the website that will explain any changes and it will include the link to the different matrices.

WKCE Parent Information

Testing Information for Parents
This link will take you directly to the WI DPI website that contains helpful information for parents regarding testing.


Kindergarten Assessment
(All Kindergarten assessment forms are in PDF format)

Kindergarten Name Assessment
Kindergarten Self Portrait


Reading Skills

Names Capital Letters
Names Lower Case Letters
Reads Sight Words
Reads Color Words
Rhyming Matching and Production
Concepts of Print

Basic Information Skills

Names 11 Colors

Number Sense

Reads Numbers 0 to 30
Counts Sets 0-10
Counts Sets 0-20
Writes Numbers 0-30
Counts by 1's to 100; 2's to 20; 5's to 50; 10's to 100
Compares Whole Numbers to 20 Which is Smaller
Compares Whole Numbers to 20 Which is Bigger
Orders Whole Numbers to 20


Solves Problems Involving Addition of Single-Digit Numbers
Solves Problems Involving Subtraction of Single-Digit Numbers

Data and Chance

Uses a Graph to Answer Simple Questions


Measures Length Using Nonstandard Units
Names Money and Its Value
Tells Time to the Nearest Hour
Shows Time to the Nearest Hour


Names 8 Shapes

Patterns and Algebra

Extends Pattern
Reads and Writes Addition Number Sentences
Reads and Writes Subtraction Number Sentences
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